The challenge complete

12 Feb

Well the challenge is over. Sorry it took so long to write to you all. life  has been busy! All in all I have raised around £60 so thanks to those who supported me and to bee unique also. If you still want to support the fantastic work of The Door, let me know.


Hi everybody

9 Jan

Hey all, did you have a good weekend. Mine was busy but good. Plenty of people said they thought my hair was cool and one lad even took the details of which blue I used! Still going to be keeping dye in for the rest of this month so please continue to give generously. It’s easy just visit harman

If you would like to become a push partner (one of our regular givers) please either email or contact the office on 01453 756745 for more information.

Have a great week

Happy New Year – An update vlog

5 Jan

Hello, Hello, Hello and a happy new year. It is finally 2012, so I thought I would send you all a vlog update on how things asre going. I have just had a 2nd application of dye last night as my hair had gone a sort of yellow and purple where it had faded. But now it’s looking good again. Please do give whatever you can and help us help young people.

Thank you.


Have a look at the video by clicking on this text.

Hairdye Challenge Update 29th December 2011

29 Dec

Hi all, The New year is almost upon us. My hair has been dyed 5 days now. It has been a bit weird because I see people looking at me funny and then after a brief moment of wondering whether I have food round my mouth I remember lol. I’m going to be on the coach going through London tomorrow so that should be interesting. Well, anyhow have a great New Year all.

All the best,


The Dye is in

24 Dec

Well guys the dye is in and it is definitely striking had a few funny comments including a bemused small child who was astounded by ‘the mans funny hair’. LoL.

Please dont forget what it’s all for and donate generously.

If you think about it;

A lage posh coffee £3

A large non specific fast food chain meal deal £4.50-£8

A pizza £10

A sit down indian £15

A night out £30

What would you give up to help young people achieve a better future.

I am not claiming any expenses so all money will go directly to the work of The Door.

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23 Dec


Is this my best side?

The Day Before Bleaching

22 Dec

Well, Hi all!

Tomorrow is the day I bleach my hair ready for the colour to go in. I have done a patch test and strand test today (to check I’m not allergic) and so far all seems well. The bleaching should commence tomorrow morning. Attached is a before picture, just so you know pink, blue and green isn’t natural.Image